Chris Armitage's Platform

The Green New Deal

We have all seen the effects of climate change across eastern Washington. From periods of drought and flood, to wildfires that threatened water supplies in Walla Walla. Chris will work aggressively to respond to the threat of climate change. He will support The Green New Deal which makes some of our nation’s biggest investments to save our planet.

Green Jobs Guarantee

Eastern Washington is the perfect place to grow our nation’s green industry sector. Our people are among the brightest, most innovative in the world. I will fight to bring green industry jobs back to the 5th Congressional District!

FEMA Investments

When disaster strikes, communities rely on a prepared, fully funded and functional Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be there for them. I will work to ensure that FEMA is fully funded and improved to provide assistance when we need them.

Income Justice Act

Eastern Washington has been hit hard from an economy built on the backs of working people that benefit the richest and elite among us. Families are struggling with poverty wages, stuck in a cycle of despair. While the top 1% of our country get richer.  

I will introduce The Income Justice Act within my first 100 days in Congress. This measure will increase the federal minimum wage to $15 per hour (and adjust it annually with inflation), expand Earned Income tax credits for the most vulnerable, cap executive pay at no more than 100 times the lowest paid employee, require publicly traded companies to be 51% non-executive owned and issue a $1,000 bond to every child in the US at birth (redeemable at age 18).

Strengthen Collective Bargaining

Unions have drastically transformed our country — the 40 hour work week, living wages and safety standards are all examples of their contribution. I will work with union representatives to strengthen our federal laws to ensure that working people are able to collectively bargain in every state for their wages, their safety and their dignity.

Trade Skills Training

Over the last two decades, we have seen a decline in trade and skill training programs. In Congress, I will work to strengthen these programs that give a new generation of working people the skills they need to continue to build this great nation.

Medicare for All

The American healthcare system is built on a model that benefits corporations — specifically insurance and pharmaceutical companies — not the best interests of people. Insurance companies make money by denying your claims to see a doctor or specialist. The costs of our medications are so high that some in our community live in severe poverty to stay alive!  

I support a single-payer, national health care system which guarantees care for all regardless of their ability to pay. Expanded and improved Medicare for all means everybody in, nobody out. Make no mistake -- “Access” is not care. Any system that leaves insurance companies as a middleman to profit off our health and deny us care is untenable, and I'll take this fight with me to Congress!

Prescription Drug Reform

American innovation has afforded the world many life saving drugs to treat a variety of health needs. However, many of those drugs are more than 100 times more expensive here than in other countries around the globe. In Congress, I will work across the aisle to hold pharmaceutical companies responsible for their greed by supporting sweeping reforms that put patients first.

Veteran's Health

As a veteran, I understand the challenges that we face across the country accessing the benefits we earned through our service. In Congress, I will work to strengthening the Veteran’s Administration and implementing veteran-powered reforms to ensure our nation’s veterans receive the highest quality healthcare and service they deserve.